A project initiated by

Sydney Sylvah

The Agency, Battersea Arts Centre


Winner of The Agency 2014 with Sydney’s Naturals.

Sydney’s Naturals is an all natural and organic cosmetic range that has been developed from an aspirational young female that made a vision into a reality. Our aim is to raise awareness amongst the local community about the benefits of how using all natural ingredients within your regular cosmetic range and how it’s so much healthier for your body but also for the world by creating a healthier conscious amongst our community. This will enable people to consider using an all natural cosmetic line that acts as an alternative to mainstream chemically loaded products.

Through joining the agency Sydney was able to put her idea of creating an all natural and chemical free cosmetic line into action. Sydneys naturals is currently in a working progress on trying to make this imaginative idea into an fully successful cosmetic line that can sell varies of Sydney’s products globally. Leading up to that long term goal we have a variety of short term goals that we aim to reach in order to securely fulfil our long term goal.

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