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Everyone is creative

All too often, and despite the best of intentions, arts and cultural organisations perceive their role to be to increase audiences for 'great art', thereby maintaining a dichotomy between artists and audiences, between creatives and consumers, between artists and non-artists.
Posted by Stella Duffy

If, however, we were to fully embrace the notion that everyone is creative, not only would our organisations be able to broaden and deepen their scope of engagement, to truly include all of the communities we serve, but we might also find that our culture develops. If all of us – as part of our civic role as citizens and as organisations – are individually and collectively engaged in creating culture, we can together create a new culture – truly accessible to all, because it is created by all.

We have a responsibility to both the already-engaged and to those (many) disengaged individuals and disenfranchised communities to enable each individual and every community to engage in the manner that best suits them in cultural life. This means making both civic and cultural engagement far more mainstream, much more appealing, and truly accessible to all. I believe that to fully achieve access and engagement for all, we will have to enable and empower ownership of culture by all, not a privileged elite as at present. Sharing power is not easy, but the good news is that if we genuinely do increase access to and engagement in culture, new cultural leaders will emerge to create a new culture, a culture (finally) for and by all.

Fun Palaces encourages and supports anyone, anywhere, to create locally-led community events, using arts and sciences, crafts and technologies as a catalyst for engagement. We believe that all culture should be fully accessible to all – and by accessible, we mean as curators and creators, not simply as audiences. We are not interested in building audiences, we are interested in supporting people to develop their own communities, with culture as an engine for engagement, change and growth.

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