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Artist Commissions

As part of the Inquiry, What Next? and Locality have commissioned three artists to create work with underserved communities that asks what they think the civic role of arts organisations should be.
Posted by Sam Cairns

Forty three artists/artist groups applied for the award and after a two stage application process the panel awarded the three commissions to a combination of artists working in rural/urban areas located in various places across the UK which addressed a civic role in both social cohesion and health.

The commissioned artists are Rebecca Manson Jones and Deborah Mason working in the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark, London, Kyle Walker and the Creative Experts at Contact Theatre who will work in North Manchester and Sally Tonge in Shropshire.

Sticking Together

Deborah Mason and Rebecca Manson Jones, Southwark

A joint commission using crafting, listening & action learning techniques to create a conversation about how/whether arts and culture could or should open up public debate and involvement in civic processes, this will be captured in a multimedia collage for public display and online – a people’s manifesto for civic life.

Cake and creative conversations – pop up and playful dementia cafes in unusual settings

Sally Tonge, Shropshire

Hosting dementia cafes in new civic venues to have enjoyable, creative conversations with people living rurally with dementia and their families, friends and carers. By sharing songs, stories and memories we will find out ways in which local venues and arts promoters can more effectively engage them in meaningful activities.

What Next? – North Manchester

Kyle Walker (Creative Experts, Contact), North Manchester

Creative Experts will engage with groups of 10 young people from North Manchester over six weeks and explore how young people from the area feel about the civic role of arts organisations in their local community, and how they think their communities can benefit from arts organisation engagement. The outcome of the project will be a documentary film.

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