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Radicalism Refuge and Rotterdam

Posted by Bridget Gourlay

My experiences at the International Community Arts Festival

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Place, Politics, Power event

Posted by Sam Cairns

On the 8th December 2016 the Inquiry held an event 'Place, Politics, Power: What is the Civic Role of Arts...

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Should arts organisations have a civic role?

Posted by Sam Cairns

As Project Director for the Inquiry I’ve been privileged to take part in lots of different discussions around the country...

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Everyone is creative

Posted by Stella Duffy

All too often, and despite the best of intentions, arts and cultural organisations perceive their role to be to increase...

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Why do we talk about ‘the arts’?

Posted by David Jubb

If you listen to people talk about arts and culture in the UK, whether they are journalists, or people who run arts...

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Chaotic, cruel and unknowable

Posted by Dominic Gray

In 2016 the challenges facing society can appear chaotic, cruel and unknowable. To understand and make positive change we...

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How arts organisations can teach us to build a...

Posted by Stella Toonen

On 27 July What Next? and the Inquiry held a roundtable discussion where young arts people were asked to explain what roles...

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What is, and what should be the civic role of arts...

Posted by Simeon Yates

Prof. Simeon Yates from the Institute of Cultural Capital, the Inquiry Research partner, writes about developing a definition...

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